Telesis PX24 IP PBX Business Phone System
Design and manufacture IP PBX Business Phone System, Switching System, VoIP Gateway, and Signaling Converter  

Our Quality Statement

our products and services would meet and probably exceed your expectations  Telesis Telekomunikasyon Sistemleri San. ve Tic A.S. (Telesis A.S.) promises you quality products like Telesis PX24 Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone Systems , X1 TDM - IP Telephony Switching Systems, and Stillink Combined VoIP Gateway and Signaling Converters and services.


Our Quality Policy is to design, manufacture, deliver, and provide technical support on time for our products and services that would meet and probably exceed your expectations. In order to do this, Telesis A.S. implemented quality systems and processes that are continually being improved to satisfy your increasing demands.

Telesis A.S.`s manufacturing and service operations are registered to the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality standard, assuring that its products and services maintain consistently high standards.

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ISO 9001 : 2000 Certificate    

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