Telesis PX24 IP PBX Business Phone System
Design and manufacture IP PBX Business Phone System, Switching System, VoIP Gateway, and Signaling Converter  

Disclosure of Commercial Information : Phase4

Telesis A.S. may disclose detailed commercial information to the Reseller Applicant. This information covers purchasing prices and advantages (promotions, bonus reward program, etc.) to be applicable if a Reseller Agreement is mutually signed.

Disclosed prices may refer to a single Telesis product or all Telesis products depending on the interest of the Reseller Applicant, which may appear during discussions in this phase and / or Reseller Applicant Survey.

In this phase, Telesis A.S. may also present some software utilities for making the price calculations easy for some of its products. 

All the commercial information supplied to the Reseller applicant is confidential. So, the Reseller Applicant shall avoid disclosure of this information without the prior written permission of Telesis A.S. as described in the previously signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.


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