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Reseller Applicant Survey : Phase3

Having an intention in reselling Telesis products may be sufficient to start. However, that does not mean a short term cooperation. Telesis A.S. always aims a long term cooperation. This being the case, knowing the Reseller Applicant in detail is important. To achieve this goal, Telesis A.S. sends a survey form to the Reseller Applicant. The Reseller Applicant shall fill out and return this form. The Reseller Applicant Survey form may ask:

  • Company profile of the Reseller Applicant,
  • Human resources of the Reseller Applicant related to a possible Telesis business,
  • The target market details (like the size of the market, big and medium players in the market),
  • If the Reseller Applicant accepts the terms and conditions set by Telesis A.S.,
  • If the Reseller Applicant has any statements or codes available to the public (like ethical, quality, environmental statements or codes),
  • If the Reseller Applicant may have a visit to Telesis A.S.
  • Projected sales for Telesis products,
  • Future targets of the Reseller Applicant,
  • Import regulations in the territory where the Reseller Applicant resides,


However, the survey form does not aim to collect any company-private information, which the Reseller Applicant may regard as confidential. Some examples for such company-private information are:

  • Company balance sheet
  • Details of shareholders
  • Affiliates of the company

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