Telesis PX24 IP PBX Business Phone System
Design and manufacture IP PBX Business Phone System, Switching System, VoIP Gateway, and Signaling Converter  

How to Become a Reseller / Dealer

Telesis A.S. aims to work in partnership to provide quality of service and successful implementation of

  • Telesis PX24 Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone Systems, and
  • Telesis X1 Large Capacity TDM - IP Telephony Switching Systems 

for all business. In order to achieve this goal, the offered partner programs are created considering the usability and manageability. Telesis A.S. makes reselling easy and avoids a program with frustrating application procedures and difficult eligibility requirements. Having an intention in reselling Telesis products may be sufficient to start.

Telesis A.S. may approve the companies that are interested in;

  • actively selling Telesis products, or
  • occasional purchases from Telesis A.S. for the purpose of reselling Telesis products

as Telesis Reseller. It is the first step between Telesis A.S. and your company for the cooperation.

Telesis A.S. may also approve the Reseller as a Telesis Authorized Dealer based on the history of the cooperation, technical capabilities and sales volume. This program is for rewarding the achievements of the Reseller in selling Telesis products.

Both programs has some common points and differences. Both Resellers and Authorized Dealers receive bonus rewards based on the quantity for accumulated purchases in a calendar year. Both receive technical support from Telesis A.S. However, Authorized Dealers may enjoy more benefits such as:

  • Receiving advance notice of upcoming Telesis products and technology,
  • Having directed potential customers,
  • Having a web page link in our web site(s).

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