Telesis PX24 IP PBX Business Phone System
Design and manufacture IP PBX Business Phone System, Switching System, VoIP Gateway, and Signaling Converter  


Established in 1983, Telesis A.S. has grown rapidly as a leading-edge provider of solutions for TDM Telephony (like Central Office, Rural, Tandem, Signaling Converter, ISDN PBX) and IP Telephony (like IP PBX, IP Phone, VoIP Gateway)applications. With 30 years experience, Telesis A.S. has ensured that its systems are competitive and complete. Consequently, Telesis systems attract potential resellers with their price / performance ratio.

Telesis A.S. aims companies and profesionals interested in reselling its systems to know the application procedure and next phases before reaching to an agreement. In fact, Telesis A.S. makes reselling easy. Having an intention in reselling Telesis systems is sufficient to start.

Telesis A.S. will be glad of receiving applications for reselling its systems. 


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