Telesis PX24 IP PBX Business Phone System
Design and manufacture IP PBX Business Phone System, Switching System, VoIP Gateway, and Signaling Converter  


Telesis Systems Offering Euro ISDN BRI

  • Telesis Business Phone Systems:
    • PX24M Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone System 
    • PX24X Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone System
  • Telesis Switching Systems:
    • X1 Large Capacity TDM - IP Telephony Switch

Technical Specifications

The Basic Rate ISDN types are S0/T0 or Uk0. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connection schemes are possible. The line code on U interfaces is 2B1Q.

Basic Rate ISDN interfaces in Telesis systems

Telesis systems have Basic Rate ISDN interfaces to connect to NT and TE

Signaling on Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) S0, T0, Uk0 interfaces

  • DSS1 (EuroISDN)

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