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Xymphony - API

Telesis Systems Offering API Server

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Xymphony API in Brief

Telesis proprietary Xymphony-API server in Telesis systems performs various telephony tasks such as dialing, call transfer, call park, call retrieve, conference, conversation recording, and display of port status. The physical connection is between a user`s personal computer, the same user`s analog/digital telephone line and the Telesis system. Both the Xymphony-API server and the PC with Xymphony-API client utility (software) must be in the same local area network. There can be multiple users or client PCs served by the same Xymphony-API server. XCom (Xymphony Companion), which is a Xymphony-API client software developed by Telesis, is an advanced screen-based telephone dialer and console with numerous features to integrate the computer and Telesis system for telephony needs. Moreover, the XCom is a freeware utility.

Integrated API server within Telesis Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone Systems

Screenshot of the XCom API Client utility for Telesis Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone Systems

CRM Integration

Telesis XCom, which is a freeware API client for Telesis systems, is capable of searching automatically SugarCRM records in the common database according to the received Caller ID information. SugarCRM is the world`s leading commercial-open source Customer Relations Management software. SugarCRM is available as a free download as well as a commercial package. The integrated solution is made up of three main components:

  • A Telesis system with the Xymphony-API server
  • Another Server PC running SugarCRM,
  • SugarCRM and XCom users with individual PCs

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