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V5.2 - VoIP Access Gateways

Low Density Requirements

The Stillink 200 provides up to 45 concurrent calls for up to 512 V5.2 users. It is equipped with dual E1 links (primary and secondary) for the protection.

The Stillink 200 for low density V5.2 - VoIP access requirements 


High Density Requirements

The Stillink 3200 provides up to 960 concurrent calls for up to 30,000 V5.2 users. The Stillink 3200 has a modular structure. The installation of the system or expanding an already operating one is simple and fast. At its maximum capacity, it is equipped with 32 E1 links serving two or more V5.2 interfaces.

The Stillink 3200 for high density V5.2 - VoIP access requirements





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