Telesis PX24 IP PBX Business Phone System
Design and manufacture IP PBX Business Phone System, Switching System, VoIP Gateway, and Signaling Converter  
News Events

08.01.2015Announcement: 2015 Summer Holiday Season
19.06.2014Announcement: 2014 Summer Holiday Season
22.10.2013Telesis PX24M rev.6 Hybrid IP PBX launched
18.04.2013Integrating Skype Connect with Telesis IP PBX
01.02.2013Xymphony TSP for Windows TAPI released
17.01.2013Announcement: 2013 Summer Holiday Season
03.09.2012VoIP-TDM gateway channels are now FREE for the PX24N
23.05.2012SNMP to Manage Telesis and Stillink Devices
01.03.2012Telesis WebPhone is now FREE for PX24N, PX24U, and PX24M IP PBX systems
16.02.2012Announcement: 2012 Summer Holiday Season
13.02.2012International shipping started for the PX24N IP PBX
13.12.2011The revolutionary PX24N IP PBX is now bigger
30.11.2011New Products: VTS480 IP Video Phone and DTS480 Executive Digital Phone
22.06.2011Directory Assistance Call Centers connect with the Stillink
09.06.2011Telesis Inter Resort Zone Championship - 2011
25.05.2011Announcement: 2011 Summer Holiday Season
11.05.2011Telesis Technology Days 2011 held in Turkey
11.05.2011Telesis Volleyball Cup 2011 in Maldives
22.03.2011New XApi library supports CMDR client and Adjunct Server api functions
02.09.2010XApi (Xymphony API Project) is released for software developers

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