Pr.zv05 : Telesis A.S. introduces PX24N SoHo IP PBX with a sleek box design and revolutionary features

Document Date: 2010-04-30

For Immediate Release
Date: April 30, 2010

Telesis A.S. with over 25 years experience in the telecommunications market announces a revolutionary IP PBX : PX24N (Nano).

PX24N is a next-generation IP PBX to home and small business market. It is designed to fit the expectations of the market now and in the future. Although most small IP PBX products miss on features, the PX24N differs. The PX24N has many features, which can be built onto large IP PBX systems only or even not.

Telesis PX24N again reflects company`s minimalist approach in design. 3 analog DC loop trunks (FXO ports), 3 analog subscribers (FXS ports), and 10 IP (SIP, or H.323, or xSIP) users (local or trunk) are located in a unique box, featuring an executive digital phone too. Easy installation without any special tools, easy administration and easy maintenance make the PX24N an ideal choice for experts as well as novices, who look for a SoHo platform. Thus, the PX24N eliminates additional hardware costs and recurring expenses.

Telesis A.S. assumes the PX24N has to be the first ever seen approach throught the world considering its sleek box design and revolutionary features. 

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About Telesis A.S.

Established in 1983, Telesis A.S. has grown rapidly as a leading-edge provider of solutions for TDM Telephony (like Central Office, Rural, Tandem, Signaling Converter, ISDN PBX) and IP Telephony (like IP PBX, IP Phone, VoIP Gateway)applications. With 25 years experience, Telesis A.S. has delivered to its customers over 3 million lines and users. Our products have been chosen by public- and private-sector entities in various countries worldwide. Telesis systems have been installed in more than forty countries.

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