Pr.zx03 : Telesis A.S. announces high density VoIP Access Gateway and Signaling Converter : Stillink 3200

Document Date: 2009-11-17

For Immediate Release
Date: November 17, 2009

Telesis A.S. with over 25 years experience in the telecommunications market announces the market availability of its high density VoIP Access Gateway and Signaling Converter : Stillink 3200

The Stillink 200 is a perfect choice for organizations looking for updating an existing telecommunications network, migrating to the NGN or building a voice network that is ready for the future. Furthermore, the Stillink 3200 gives organizations the advantage of being able to add advanced services to their networks more quickly than would be the case if they upgraded their existing core network. The all-protocol , all-signaling, SIP-TDM, H.323-TDM switching capabilities and advanced routing features contained in the Stillink 3200 represent a bridge to complicated and heterogeneous networks.

Stillink 3200 is a modular VoIP Access Gateway and Signaling Converter with up to 32 E1 interfaces. VoIP conversion is full span. That makes 960 concurrent VoIP calls at its maximum capacity. Furthermore, the Stillink 3200 supports up to 30,000 users.

The Stillink 3200 provides the following solutions, at least:

  • Digital VoIP Gateway Applications
    • ISDN to VoIP access
    • SS7 to VoIP access
    • CAS to VoIP access 
    • Any combination of ISDN, SS7, CAS signaling E1s to VoIP access gateway
  • Signaling Conversion Applications
    • ISDN to SS7 signaling conversion
    • CAS to SS7 signaling conversion
    • CAS to ISDN signaling conversion
    • Furthermore, it is possible to mix signaling types in any combination. The result is a single unit for different type signaling conversions at the same time 
  • V5.2 Protocol Conversion Applications
    • ISDN to V5.2 LE  protocol conversion
    • SS7 to V5.2 LE  protocol conversion
    • CAS to V5.2 LE  protocol conversion
  • V5.2 ? VoIP Access Gateway Applications
    The Stillink 3200 enables V5.2 Access Network (AN) systems to connect IP network. The Stillink 3200 converts calls from AN systems to SIP or H.323 network and provides up to 960 concurrent VoIP calls for up to 30,000 users in the access network side.

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About Telesis A.S.

Established in 1983, Telesis A.S. has grown rapidly as a leading-edge provider of solutions for TDM Telephony (like Central Office, Rural, Tandem, Signaling Converter, ISDN PBX) and IP Telephony (like IP PBX, IP Phone, VoIP Gateway)applications. With 25 years experience, Telesis A.S. has delivered to its customers over 3 million lines and users. Our products have been chosen by public- and private-sector entities in various countries worldwide. Telesis systems have been installed in more than forty countries.

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