Pr.zz01 : Telesis A.S. announces xSIP protocol bringing the comfort and additional services of digital sets over IP

Document Date: 2008-10-13

For Immediate Release
Date: September 11, 2008

Telesis A.S has developed a new VoIP protocol, xSIP (eXtended SIP), for its Hybrid IP PBX systems. The main purpose of this development is to make some value-added services in Telesis PX24U, PX24M, and PX24X Hybrid IP PBX systems to be applicable for VoIP calls too. Presently, Telesis offers two products with the xSIP protocol. One is the ITS821 VoIP phone, and the other is the XPhone VoIP softphone. Both products bring the comfort and additional services of Telesis executive digital phones over IP. With the xSIP protocol, almost all the functions of Telesis digital phones are also applicable for VoIP calls. To illustrate, ITS821 and XPhone are with a busy display panel showing the current status (idle, busy, ringing, etc.) of 120 pre-programmed users in a Telesis Hybrid IP PBX.

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About Telesis A.S.
Established in 1983, Telesis A.S. has grown rapidly as a leading-edge provider of solutions for Central Office, Rural, Tandem, Signaling Converter, ISDN PBX, and IP Telephony applications. With 25 years experience, Telesis A.S. has delivered to its customers over 2.5 million telephone lines. Telesis systems have been chosen by public- and private-sector entities in more than forty countries.

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