Pr.zy02 : Telesis A.S. launches Large Capacity TDM IP Telephony Switch X1

Document Date: 2009-02-12

For Immediate Release
Date: February 12, 2009

Now, the Flagship Product of Telesis A.S., X1 IP-TDM Telephony Switch, is with more IP users and more concurrent VoIP calls. Seeing the demand from customers, Telesis A.S. has developed the X1 rev.5. It is a carrier-grade and all-in one solution with up to 14,400 TDM user, 8192 IP users, and 2160 concurrent IP-to-TDM or TDM-to-IP calls. Of course, that is not the all. Telesis A.S. has integrated numerous value-added services like personal conversation recording and voice mailing for the comfort of users. To provide further reliability and continuity of communication, all critical components and circuits are duplicated for hot stand-by redundancy.

The Telesis X1 IP-TDM Telephony Switch has an open architecture for the NGN migration with its integrated packet and circuit switching technology. The TDM circuits support for SS7, DSS1, QSIG, R1, R2, CAS, CIS, V5.2, and several others. The unique feature of the X1 is the capability of inter-working between all its TDM and IP signaling/protocol schemes.  That makes the X1 as an easy-to-install and easy-to-manage and integrated solution for organizations looking into updating an existing communications network, migrating to the VoIP technology or building a network that is ready for the future.

In brief, the result with the X1 rev.5 is a comfortable solution for users, and reliable, robust, easy solution for operators.

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About Telesis A.S.
Established in 1983, Telesis A.S. has grown rapidly as a leading-edge provider of solutions for IP and TDM Telephony applications. With 25 years experience, Telesis A.S. has delivered to its customers over 2.5 million telephone lines or telephony users. Telesis systems have been chosen by public- and private-sector entities in more than forty countries.

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